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Mar 1, 2014 1:07am PST
some shame energy on it. i was surprised that it brought up so many emotions. i defiantly think you have to be prepared though. it isn't a matter of not telling the truth or telling the whole truth. this was part of my life that got closed and i like that. it's been a secret because i bought into the mistake just under a year after the biggest loser i was offered a free bariatric surgery and i went and had a gastric sleeve, you know and uh, then i was able to lose the last 50 pounds. a gastric sleeve is a surgery that takes down the size of your stomach, from the expanded size, they take part of the stomach off so it doesn't leak or anything and you have a smaller stomach, instead of an 80 ounce, my stomach then only could 8 ounces, no doubt i've stretched it out maybe 16 now. when you have a little bity stomach instead of a full stomach, you can only eat so much. i don't have any foreign bodies in my stomach, i don't have a lap band,
Mar 3, 2014 2:02am PST
. >> trust is a big part of the whole thing. >> feeling the energy that comes from the stage with these guys, these musicians is a rush. >> and in his case, renewable. he is on a first name basis with bands and earned the access for talent. >> i do not play guitar. >> i do not play drums. >> i play the camera. >> does he ever. chances are you don't know his name, but his work, iconic. it is part of an ever growing archive. >> this night it is a packed theater in oakland for an off shoot of the osmond brother bands. he has been sticking cameras in his face since the early 1980s. until this moment, he had not seen the latest pictures in the eighth and newest book called "jam." an insid rock at rock and roll concerts as performance art. >> i am capturing energy and music in a fraction of a second. >> he began doing this at 16 years old. he was a kid with his dad's camera at al grateful dead concert who made friends with the band and years later earned enough trust to shoot this famous portrait of jerry garcia. >> they gave me 90 seconds to do the portrait. >> no portrait happens easily and he h
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2